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Some of these projects go way back to our beginning days.

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Josephines Bistro

Josephine's Bistro

We love building restaurant websites. Why? Because it's fun looking at food for hours. It makes the next meal all the better. Josephine's Kitchen is a WordPress website that is very elegant and contemporary in style.

Loma Linda

Loma Linda

Elemental Maze Web Solutions was given the challenge of migrating a very old ASPX site to a WordPress platform. The project needed to be completed by the new year, which allowed about 3 weeks to complete. Christmas vacation? Well, a little. Since Loma Linda is now owned by Atlantic Natural Foods, I wanted the two separate companies to appear similar but with different websites. How to do that? Simply copy the Atlantic Natural Foods site and reskin it with the Loma Linda colors and products.

SRT Environmental

SRT Environmental

Elemental Maze Web Solutions is providing solutions to SRT Environmental in establishing a franchise based website. The website includes a service area geocode locator and login area for franchisees to submit warranty and client information.

Rubber Mill

SEO and Design Guide form for RubberMill website

EMWS will be performing the SEO on the RubberMill Website. We are also implementing a new online design guide form with conditional field parameters.

Video Production Project

Web Video project for Williams Chiropractic

I spent a few days last week with Dalton Price Productions at Williams Chiropractic & Decompression Center shooting and recording audio and video for several web videos that will debut in the coming weeks.

Mangrove Leadership Solutions

Mangrove Leadership Solutions

Kerry Bunker, PhD is the writer of Leading with Authenticity in Times of Transition. He has appeared in the Harvard Management Update publication and has several other published books and writings. So, I was delited when he contacted me to help him with his new Leadership Solutions website, Mangrove Leadership Solutions. The site will be very similar in content to the Organization Insight website I built.

Protective Chiropractic

Work begins on NEW Chiropractic website

My cousin, Dr. Nathan Cintron, is a Chiropractor and has his own practice. He just married his lovely wife several weeks ago and as a wedding gift to him, I am building him a brand new state-of-the-art website for his practice. Once again the site will be based on the Vertex framework (the best framework on the planet, have I mentioned this in the past?). I'm looking forward to helping his practice grow and build a solid patient base. I only have a screenshot of the site right now, but look for the site to go live in the coming months.

Rubber Mill Development

Search feature built into RubberMill website

Building search into an existing website should be pretty straight forward these days. However, every project likes to offer a hurdle or two. The new RubberMill website will sport a search feature that runs on PHP behind the scenes. The new search feature also indexes the content of PDF files.

PSI Shopping Cart

Shopping Cart, Pressure Systems Innovations

It's always fun and challenging implementing items into a design, especially something someone else designed and built. It's even more challenging when that item is a shopping cart. Pressure Systems Innovations (PSI) required a very basic shopping cart to be implemented inside of their existing website. Once the shopping cart was designed it took a bit of tweaking in order to get it inside of the existing sites framework. Once that was complete, PSI had some shipping charges that required a bit of creative thinking.

Organization Insight First Generation

Organization Insight launched on WordPress platform

The new Organization Insight website was launched in March. This project had its share of challenges. First, the old Organization Insight website was built on a Flash platform. Second, there was a separate site set-up for blogging and that was built on the WordPress platform. The new site had to bring both sites together under one roof. It was also required to move everything from one host to another, including emails. Again, the Vertex framework came through as a superior design for both WordPress and Joomla! platforms.

Hart Home Inspection

Hart Home Inspection Services website

Hart Home Inspection Services was launched last week and we are finishing up some simple house keeping items, but the new site is built on the latest Joomla! 3.0 platform. It also utilizes the amazing Shape 5 framework.

Boss Mom Online

Boss Mom Online Blog site

Elemental Maze just finished the re-skinning of the WordPress blog site "Boss Mom Online - A Lifestyle and Career Blog for Working Moms". The site was built several years ago on the WordPress platform. The owner of blog wanted a new look and feel and so the challenge of coming up with a new logo (Rosie the Riveter) and implementing a new theme began. Also implemented were a few precautionary items such as automated backup of the site and transitioning the site to a new and faster web host provider.

Golan & Associates

Numismatics website

Elemental Maze is excited to announce the launch of the new R.T. Golan & Associates website. It's yet another genre of business that we can now claim experience in helping with its success. The website is fully responsive and built on the very latest Joomla! platform: Joomla! 3.0.

Jason Landry Resume

Jason Landry E-Resume published

It's one thing to talk the talk, but to walk the walk is a different matter all together. Being a "web guy", I try to do all things via the World Wide Web. Check it out: Jason Landry Resume

Mud and Music Mayhem

Mud and Music Mayhem

Mud race and obstacle course sponsored and produced by Rock 92, Greensboro, NC